May we have a drum roll, please!!  For the first time in our history, we donated $10,000 to each of our sister groups!  That’s a huge accomplishment and one we’ve been striving towards since our inception.  Our charities are so grateful for the donations!

This quarter, we provided funds to nonprofits who support underserved youth in middle and high school with STEAM programs; vulnerable teenagers, former felons, and unemployed adults through opportunities at community gardens; and kinship and community families as they navigate the foster care system. Thanks to our members’ giving hearts, we donated $30,800 this quarter and people’s lives are being impacted on a daily basis.

Ahwatukee donated $10,000 to Lights Camera Discover.

“This donation will help us get back into our rhythm of in-person programming. Our first program will be at South Mountain Community Center for fifteen kids. The kids will create an anti-bullying campaign. Every summer we have the kids do this campaign. We missed doing this campaign the last two summers. It is important because it is a way for the kids to vent and talk about what’s going on at school. The finished product goes on the Lights Camera Discover YouTube page and is shared with local schools,” commented Kema Charles, Executive Director of Lights Camera Discover.

TigerMountain Foundation was the recipient of $10,000 in donations from our Scottsdale group.

Darren Chapman, Founder of TMF shared, “I am extremely honored to be a part of your recognition at 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun.  This type of work doesn’t happen without people like your group of women really caring about what is happening in their whole community.  We typically do not see a lot of recognition from people who don’t even know who we are.  If you don’t drive down our street, we would somehow have to eventually get into your heart strings.  So, your group recognizing us has been incredible. We are going to make this long donation go a long way.”

Our East Valley group selected Boost a Foster Family and donated $10,100.

Michelle Noe, Executive Director, shared, “Thank you on behalf of Boost a Foster Family and the Board.  We are so thrilled to get this huge check.  Right now, we are partnering with a few other foster care charities in a campaign called All for One.  Typically, we only help kinship families with the foster care process.  Kinship, to us, means grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, older siblings, cousins, teachers, or pastors.  These individuals have relationships with the children before they are suddenly thrust into taking on the children in a foster care role.  This donation will help us widen our lane for three months and help community (non-biological) foster families across Arizona as well.  We are honored and blessed to have this opportunity and the support of 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun.”

Please visit our Facebook page for more photos from our donation meetings.  Our next quarterly giving circles are on October 26 in Ahwatukee, October 27 in Scottsdale and October 28 in the East Valley.