YEAR FIVE…can you believe it?!?  We’re so blessed to come together every quarter and make a difference in our community.  Children were a common theme among our groups this quarter.  All our selected charities serve children in one way or another; whether it be kids affected by abuse, trauma, violence or a need to keep them engaged after school and out of trouble. Each of these organizations are serving a need in our community. Thanks to our members’ giving hearts, we donated $25,200 this quarter and people’s lives are being impacted on a daily basis.  To date, our chapter has donated $375,325 to local charities.

Ahwatukee donated $10,600 to ICAN Positive Program for Youth. ICAN is a free youth center in the East Valley that offers programming for youth, teens, families and the community. ICAN’s nationally-recognized prevention programming teaches disadvantaged youth real-life skills including goal setting, positive decision making and how to avoid the risky behaviors that are prevalent in the community ICAN serves.

Our donations will be used to support the youth after-school programs offered in Chandler.  Specifically, funding support staff to provide the program, supplies needed to facilitate program activities, food and transportation costs associated with the program and a portion of program training and development to ensure the highest quality programs are provided to kids.

Gabriel’s Angels was the recipient of $9,050 in donations from our Scottsdale group. This local nonprofit delivers healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.  Their purpose is to provide opportunity for at-risk children to build core behaviors needed for a brighter future.  These behaviors include trust, empathy, respect, and others consistently lacking in this population.

Our donations will be used to directly support the Pet Therapy Teams.  It costs $3,500 per team, each year, to provide therapy to the kids.

Our East Valley group selected Winged Hope Family Advocacy Foundation and donated $5,400.  Winged Hope’s programs focus on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Awareness, Prevention and Treatment, and many of the related issues that arise as a result of, or as a precursor to, child abuse and domestic violence.

Our donations will provide direct services to the victims by providing therapy, education, basic necessities such as rent, groceries, utilities, and anything else needed when the victims come out of an abusive situation.

Our next quarterly giving circles are April 16th in Ahwatukee, April 18th in the East Valley and MONDAY, April 22nd in Scottsdale.